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Hmm. Bapak tau anaknya cuma bakalan kalah dan tersingkir sama orang laen yang pake cara kotor. Jadi selalu yang beliau cemaskan bukan karena anaknya ga mampu tapi sebenarnya mencemaskan orang lain yang bisa pakai cara kotor untuk mendapatkan sesuatu.

Ga denger suara manager yang kadang kalo kitanya lagi ga temper tuh suaranya bisa jd kdengeran kayak suara lengkingan apaa gitu. Hehee. Semoga ada rezeki kesehatan lagi buat kita besok bisa kumpul bareng lagi ya mbah.. Semoga ada rezeki waktu, yang akhir-akhir ini bikin berasa miskin banget karena ga bisa menej waktu dg baik.

WP:RS is about assessing reliability of resources for your goal of creating veracity of data in deciding what to incorporate in post context. In that context it makes sense to excess weight different types of resources in a different way, and WP:RS does deal with that perfectly.

What on earth is creating the Lynx posting problematic is that it's not a plane... It is just a spacecraft... and most of our content articles on other spacecraft have not involved the suppliers title.

Mon han lean unna sámi Shakespeare, nu ahte odne botta go čohkken logaldallamis skuvllas de čállen moadde ráhkisvuođadivtta didjiide illun ja inspirašuvdnan.

B2C, I realize that you really feel extremely strongly about the situation, but be sure to acquire it down a notch (or twelve). This is really a problem on which fair folks can disagree. There has presently been an excessive amount of invective and histrionics about this difficulty in its a lot of incarnations through the years - far more of its like will never serve to complete anything at all but harden hearts and inhibit open up dialogue.

And as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill creeps closer to Louisiana's coastline,researchers are scrambling for an answer. One particular doable resolve: a large underwaterdome..

SMC, this is not a LOCALCONSENSUS difficulty... It's not a scenario of one WikiProject producing up its individual principles Opposite to "standard WP practice". The truth is, In terms of motor vehicle linked matter spots, such as the manufacturers name appears to be the standard exercise.

I'm really not sure that we ought to be while in the business enterprise of creating People judgments. Of course, there are actually sources like the supermarket tabloids for which aim evidence of their absence of reliability exists, but wanting that kind of unreliability, I wouldn't think about a Rolling Stone to get additional authoritative a source to the prevalent identify of the band, music, or other songs subject than Teen Beat. bd2412 T 01:30, six May well 2014 (UTC)

Why? Why need to WP be guided by its sources? I recommend there are two distinctive solutions, based on whether you're referring to content or title willpower.

Dál in leat oidnon bloggas measta mánnui. Muht, olu diŋggat leat dáhpáhuvvan ja mus leat leamaš eksámenat.

If you're usually on Fb, might also get some cartoon love there! We addresses the very best animated information there, so like us and become our fan on Fb. 9680

aku suka liat dia tetep jadi auditor kan, karena emang kayanya passionnya disana dan cocok banget sama karakternya. tapi di sisi lain, aku gamauuu misal jadi auditor lagiii kemudian tugas2 luar lagii aku ditinggal -,-

Fuel tanker explosion kills more info over 230 in ... Listed below are developments while in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill: ... initiatives stemming through the Gulf of Mexico effectively rupture couldcut earth oil ....

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